Today is our second wedding anniversary! Sometimes, it seems like such a long time that we’ve been married and living together. But most of the time, it feels like it should be longer! Our life here is so amazing, so complete–haven’t we been together forever?

October 16th, 2010

We got married in my hometown on October 16th, 2010. It was a gorgeous fall day, which was perfect because we planned an outdoor wedding! The ceremony was in an amphitheater on the banks of the Missouri River. We sang “Shall We Gather at the River?” and “Abide with Me” as about 125 of our family and friends watched us join our lives together.

Amazing photograph by Catharine Bliss of Bliss Photography!

Our colors were gold and blue, and our flowers a combination of English roses, calla lillies, eucalyptus, and wax flowers. We also decorated with pumpkins and books–two of my favorite things.

The ceremony site

We had such an amazing day. Even now, two years later, I still can’t believe that it all happened! The wedding party was made up of my two best friends from childhood, my twin sister, and Peder’s oldest cousin. His side had his brother, his childhood friend, and one of our friends from college. The girls looked gorgeous, and the boys had way too much fun with their gifts from us–samurai swords! Yep, we rock.


Our first dance was to “Your Song” by Elton John, which has always been “our song.” The Christmas before we started dating (so, December 2008), I posted the lyrics to the song while we were away from each other on break: “How wonderful life is, now you’re in my world” (deviation intentional). Even back then, he knew it was for him! So naturally, “Your Song” is our song. We ended the night dancing to our “last dance” as I like to call it–just us on the floor, everyone gone, swaying to an instrumental version of The Beatles’ “In My Life.” It couldn’t have been more perfect.

“You can tell everybody–This is your song.”

Now here we are, two years later, expecting our first child! I told Peder that this was our last anniversary without kids–this time next year, we’ll have an 8-month old. What a crazy thought! Something tells me, though, that next year’s anniversary will be something special, once someone else shares our world.