Yesterday, we went for our (one and only) ultrasound at 21 weeks 4 days. It was just an amazing experience! I had a bit of an idea what to expect–perhaps a bit moreso than Peder–but I don’t think either of us were prepared for just how beautiful and detailed the ultrasound would be. It was just so cool to see all of the baby’s little parts, from perfect the little femurs, to all 4 ventricles of its heart beating away at 147 bmp, to the little hand with 5 fingers, to the cute little profile all squished up against the placenta…it was just amazing.

The tech even surprised us by taking some 3D images–so cool, although I bet baby will look even cuter once it gets some meat on those bones!

The tech was SO nice, and was great about explaining what she saw on the screen–she even pointed out the amygdala in the brain, and how the liver and stomach were perfectly below the diaphragm. Yes, we even got to see baby’s diaphragm! I don’t think I’ve ever loved a diaphragm more.

The baby’s heart–it’s the big black blob in the middle of the screen–with all four ventricles. So neat!

One of the best moments was when she was measuring baby’s nose and mouth, and the baby yawned! It was so clearly a yawn, the mouth opened for a couple seconds and then settled into this content, relaxed look. Peder was even able to get it on video, although you really have to know what you’re looking at to notice it. The baby was in a really tricky position and moved around a lot, so not all of the pictures are quite “picture perfect!”

Little baby arm–

We were really on the fence about getting an ultrasound at all; is it really necessary, if we’re having an otherwise-perfect pregnancy? But now, I can’t imagine not seeing that beautiful little body up on the screen, that tiny 14 oz, 11-in long little baby…even if it did look a little like an alien. It’s our alien!

Sweet baby–see you in February, love!