Every day at dinner, Peder and I say a prayer together. Then, we list what we are grateful for from that day.

We started the tradition last year or so, when we wanted to refocus our dinner time. It’s stuck with us ever since!

So with everyone posting their “what I’m thankful for” every day this November, it reminded me of our dinner time ritual. I thought it’d be great if I could take a moment every day to expand on our gratitudes and post them here.

Today, I’m grateful for a great day at my practicum. I taught today for the first time in a week (after giving my partner a turn to plan and teach), and it went really well! Some days are still struggles to effectively plan my lessons and to implement them well, but today was a great day. The kids were on task (even though it was like pulling teeth to get them to read aloud with me!), and when I asked them to start writing leads for their personal narrative stories, all of their little pencils started scratching away. I LOVE that they all have ideas to write about, and no one fights us on writing. That, in itself, is a gift to be thankful for!