Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Even though we’re boring adults (whose Halloween night was filled with working, studying, and night class going)


Peder, baby, & I still took a minute to celebrate our first Halloween as (almost) parents.

We’re sure that All Hallow’s Eve next year will be filled with creating a tiny little costume, trick or treating at our friends’ houses, sending lots of pictures to the grandparents, and the accidental smearing of pumpkin guts all over the baby, the cats, the floor, the walls…

(who are we kidding?! We’ll still probably be studying all night next year, while the baby plays with a token plastic pumpkin on the floor next to us :P)

But in anticipation of all of the changes to come, this year we made it a point to come home after my night class and….go to bed early.

We keep it real.

Happy Halloween, from the Thompson’s–and our 24 week old little skeleton!

24 weeks old as of November 1st! 16 weeks to go 🙂