Friday, November 2nd:

Today, I’m grateful to be 24 weeks pregnant! For a long time, Peder and I were truly worried that we might never have kids (or at the very least, it would be difficult for us). The day we found out we were pregnant, I think we were still in denial for a while; despite seeing that second little line, we still felt like we were pretending that it might, just possibly, be real. And really, there was no need to pretend–it was most definitely real!

Being pregnant has been everything I imagined it to be: I love having a little belly, and being able to reach down to feel it. I love feeling the little (and big) kicks and knowing that it’s something this little baby is doing just for me. I love realizing that holding our baby and naming our baby and raising our baby are not dreams that will hopefully happen someday–they’re a part of our reality, one that’s about to happen very soon! And I think what I love most is trying to debate inside my head whether or not it’s a boy or a girl–as soon as I make up my mind that we’re having a son or daughter, I realize how much I want the other one, too!

So today, I’m beyond thankful that I’ve gotten to experience 24 weeks of holding this little baby everywhere I go. I can’t wait for the next 16 weeks!