Tuesday, November 6:

Election Day!

Today, I’m grateful to be able to vote in my second Presidential election. I picked Peder up before lunch today and we made the trek down to our precinct’s location (a church gym!), prepared to stand in line for as long as it took to make our voices heard.

We even brought snacks! I made sure to use the restroom before we left! We were ready to do this!

Aaaaaaand it took us….. *drumroll*….  10 minutes!

I was SO impressed at the number of polling stations, the efficiency of the election officials, all of it! They made voting such a great experience, I can’t wait to vote again.

We voted!

I hope that no matter where we end up, we always take the time to keep our voter registration accurate. We were (amazingly) on the ball this year and sent in our new registration for this state in plenty of time. I’m so glad we had the chance to vote on some of the local issues, and to make our votes count in deciding the next leader of our country.

And of course, little baby (notsharinganynames!) technically voted in his/her first election, too 🙂

Baby’s first election! We’re determined to raise a good little independent thinker…who is preferably a Democrat 🙂