Thursday, November 8:

I swear, if company came and stayed in our apartment every weekend–our house would look am-MAZE-ing!

Today, I’m grateful for my husband, who put off studying to help me clean the apartment tonight. We cleaned stuff we haven’t cleaned in a loooong time– like since we moved in–such as the baseboards in the bathroom, the space in between the knives in the knife block, the stairs leading in from the porch…basically, the not-so-important stuff that we just live with, but surely guests will notice and judge my ability to clean house over!

In reality, I highly doubt that my brother-in-law notices or even cares that the tops of all of the light switches are dusted and all of my bobby pins are in their proper place {rather than scattered all over the house}.

But it makes me feel like a better little wifey when I can present a clean, well put together house. I’m just grateful that my husband shares my sentiments about deep cleaning the house before company comes, too!