Saturday, November 10th:

Today, I’m grateful for Saturdays.

{Super original, I know, but hear me out!}

Today was a Saturday exception. We have company over (virtual “Hello” to my BIL and his girlfriend!), and it’s been nice to spend some time with them and catch up. Having guests over to our apartment (be it on the weekend or a weekday) always throws our routine off a bit, but we still love having family over.

We ate some good food, such as homemade pizza and chicken enchiladas. I’ve made this last dish numerous times before, so many that I’ve stopped following the recipe, but in anticipation of new folks eating my food I decided to return to the recipe for some ingredient and measurement reminders. Turns out that I’ve been missing a lot of key stuff! My bad, Peder–sorry to make you eat substandard enchiladas for so long!

We also watched some fun TV together–My BIL’s girlfriend is into Dr. Who, so she introduced us to Season 5 Episode 1. Man, did I not know what I have been missing! Peder and I foolishly started on Season 1 when we attempted to watch Dr. Who last summer, and if you’ve ever seen the show, you know that it gets infinitely better as it goes on. We just didn’t hold on long enough! I’m looking forward to watching some more of Season 5 when finals are over…until then, who are we kidding? We don’t have time for TV.

But, despite having some fun company over, I’m also grateful for Saturday normalcy. We sent my BIL and his girlfriend off on their own during the afternoon and had Peder’s colleague Caitlyn over for some good study time. Caitlyn is a regular at our private, in-home coffeehouse, and it felt good to do some of our “regular” Saturday stuff. I got lots done on my lesson plans for the upcoming week, and I believe the mathletes were able to do a bunch, too. I’m grateful that we were able to still do our work even though company was in town! That doesn’t happen very often!