Monday, November 12th:

Today, I’m thankful for my crockpot and all of the food we’re able to make in it.

On busy days (and weeks) (like today), it’s so amazing to be able to just dump the ingredients in the crockpot in between practicum and work, and then come home to a ready-made meal at the end of the day.

This week alone, I’ve made a whole chicken (for chicken enchiladas), 10 cups of chicken stock, a pot roast with root vegetables, and a golden nugget squash. And these dishes were all for separate meals!

Most of all, though, I’m grateful for the ability to buy and make good foods. Every day at work, I hear about kids who don’t have enough food at home, kids who have to eat the extra fruit stored in the teacher’s lounge because they’re so hungry they can’t learn, or kids who ate only candy and donuts for dinner last night because their parents don’t make healthy meals for them. We are SO blessed to have the means to make any food that we want, when we want it, and I’m grateful that we make good choices with those foods. Many people out there don’t have that choice.