Tuesday, November 13th:

Every Tuesday, we have friends over for our weekly “Tuesday Night Dinners.”

After crazy workdays our various jobs, four of us grad students assemble at our house to eat good food and chat for a bit before we all head home to hit the books some more.

Today, I’m grateful for Tuesday Night Dinner!

This ritual started when a friend of mine moved to town for grad school. She was homesick and didn’t know anyone, so after we had dinner together on night we decided to make it a weekly thing. One of Peder’s colleagues happened to be joining us for dinner that night, and has been there ever since!

Honestly, they make Tuesday my favorite night of the week

{besides nights on the weekend. Because who doesn’t love the weekend??}

I look forward to seeing these two girls all week long, ever since we said goodnight the previous Tuesday. They make the long days at work bearable!

I hope that we’re able to continue Tuesday Night Dinner next semester once the baby’s here–even if it does mean that we’ll be having Tuesday Casserole-from-the-Freezer Night for a while!