Wednesday, November 14th:

Wednesday nights this semester have been my “night class nights.” I’m lucky to be taking only 3 classes this semester–my practicum every morning, one online class, and then my only night class.

Oddly enough, Wednesday nights are one of my favorite nights of the week! For this, I’m so grateful.

Throughout the last several years, I’ve come to LOVE night classes. 50 minute classes seem way too short now! I love the conversations that we’re able to generate. I love being able to put all of my time and energy into synthesizing the week’s work–rather than working every other day for a discussion that is inevitably cut short!

Even better, my night class is made up of an amazing group of people, and gathering each week to talk about a passion we all share–teaching English–is so rewarding. I always leave feeling more prepared for the upcoming week than I did when I walked in because of the amazing professors and colleagues I’ve met here. I can’t tell you enough how truly remarkable the educators in my program are. I only hope to be half as influential on my students’ lives as my cohort professors have been on mine.