Thursday, November 15th:

Today, I’m grateful for the little guy or girl kicking away in my tummy.

Not even 8 weeks ago all I could feel were tiny little nudges. I used to spend hours with Peder’s hand glued to my stomach, trying endlessly to make him feel what I was feeling:

“Didn’t you feel that?? It was huge! How can you not feel that from the outside?!”

Poor guy probably felt like a failure, AND he got a crick in his neck trying to hold his hand still!

Now, however, baby is moving SO much that we can even SEE it from the outside! Every time Peder puts his hand on my stomach, baby kicks for him. It’s such a great feeling.

For a while, baby’s favorite spot to kick was right below my right ribs. Lately, though, I’m feeling simultaneous movements on both sides of my stomach–from feet and elbows moving together! It’s like a little rock concert drumming away in my tummy.

As much as I cannot wait to meet our little baby and have him here with us, I honestly think that I’ll miss being pregnant. Despite the overwhelming uncomfortableness of a big belly (and it’s only going to get worse), I wouldn’t trade these little kicks for anything.

I swear I was standing straight in this picture–but baby was all on the right side!