Saturday, November 18th:

We traveled to our first Thanksgiving {of 3} today, to my aunt and uncle’s vacation farm in central Nebraska. Their small farm house ended up accommodating almost 20 people for dinner–so today, I’m grateful for {extended} family!

Among the family members we got to see and catch up with are:

My cousins from Chicago and their two cute kids–whom we hardly ever get to see, but we love so much. They were SO kind and sent us a ton of their old baby clothes & accessories (including fabulous things like a moses basket, two swings, and a breast pump!), so it was great to see them in person and talk about the baby things we now share!

My grandma–who, in her 90’s, is getting harder and harder to load up in the car and shuttle out to the farm {much less up the stairs into the house}, but it was still wonderful to see her. She’s so excited to meet our little baby–her 6th great-grandchild!

Many great-aunts and great-uncles, 2nd (or is it 3rd?!) cousins, and of course, my amazing mama and sister! I may be a little biased, but I think these last two were the highlight of our visit. Even though they’re among our closest family members {geographically} we still don’t get to see them near enough. It was so great to see them today, and even better that we’ll see them again for Thanksgiving #3 on Friday!

Of course, in the meantime we’ll be heading up to Minnesota in just a couple days for Peder’s family’s Thanksgiving #2. Ah, the beginnings of the season of driving!