Monday, November 19th:

Today, I’m grateful for a great start to a holiday week!

After a semester-long build up full of projects, lesson plans, papers, and lots and lots of reading, I came home on  Monday to–


No papers to grade {yet}

No books to read {that couldn’t be put off a teensy bit}

No papers to write {that couldn’t be written later in the week}

it. was. lovely.

Instead, I was able to come home from practicum and get the house ready for our time away. We always like to leave a clean house when we go out of town–mostly so that we can come home to a clean house! And having no work that I *needed* to do gave me the opportunity to do some much needed cleaning, tidying up, laundry, packing…everything we needed to get done in order to fully enjoy our days away with family.

Of course, someone thought the cleaning to be a little too boring…and decided to nap instead.

I spy one mischievous kitty?