Tuesday, November 20th:

With a departure earlier than we’ve ever managed before, we left at 12pm today for Thanksgiving Break! We’re traveling all the way up to MN to visit Peder’s family for a few days, a journey that normally takes us about seven hours. We were thrilled to be able to leave as early as we did, and we had a wonderful drive up north.

Today, I’m grateful for a wonderful traveling companion!

Peder and I have always had more than enough to talk about. Rare are the times that we don’t have something we’ve been meaning to discuss–from the mundane (such as, “So last week in linear…”) to the important (like, “Do you really think we need to give the baby the erythromycin drops after birth?”).

Seven hours alone in the car together was so great–it truly flew by!

Although, we also did plenty of reflecting that, this time next year, we will have a whole new person adding to the (fun?) of our travels to see family. As overwhelming as the thought of traveling with an infant can be, I’m still {honestly} looking forward to having someone to bring with us.

A quick belly shot from traveling day–26 weeks 5 days!