Thursday, November 22nd:

Twenty-Two Things I’m Thinking About This Thanksgiving Day:

1. My little family–

for my amazing husband, Peder, and all that he does for me, for my beautiful son or daughter that I can’t wait to meet, & for my sweet kitties who never fail to make me feel loved.

2. My mama–

for the woman who does so incredibly much for us, who loves us and supports our life no matter what.

3. My sister

for Emmy, a wonderful person, a wonderful teacher, and a wonderful aunt.

4. My extended family–

for so many aunts and uncles and cousins who have been so helpful and generous, giving us everything we need for the baby from onsies to maternity clothes to breast pumps!

5. My new extended family–

for my in laws, my new grandparents-in-law, and the numerous aunts and uncles and cousins-in-law who are just amazing people.

6. My job–

I have never loved what I do more than I have these past two years as a teacher.

7. Peder’s job–

despite the long {long} hours, his job provides for us, allowing us to live here while Peder gets to do what he loves.

8. Good food–

for thanksgiving staples {like corn and oysters! and stuffing!} and new favorites {like squash or sweet potatoes with cranberry relish on top. zomg delicious}.

9. NPR–

for the 15 minutes I spend every morning listening to what matters most in the world on Morning Edition, and for the hour every weekend we spend laughing and quizzing on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

10. Christmas lights–

for the brightness that fills the world {and our porch} every holiday season. The new bulbs on our house make our neighborhood look beautiful again!

11. Christmas trees–

for the old tradition of picking out a blue spruce at Bomgaars with my family and lighting the family room with bubble lights, glass beads, and popcorn strands, and for the new tradition of trekking out with Peder to chop down a tree every year; can’t wait to bring little baby with us in 2013!

12. Fiction–

for the characters in books, movies, and TV shows that carry me away to wonderful worlds, for Hogwarts, for Narnia, for New York City apartments, and for the Stars Hollow town hall.

13. Blogging–

for this new adventure that lets family all over the country keep up with our life!

14. Snow–

for the first snow of the year, and the many flakes to come {even though I’m learning in my adult life that I strongly dislike the cold}.

15. Close friends–

for the wonderful friends we’ve made in grad school, and the great friends from high school and college who have stuck by us since we were teenagers.

16. Nebraska–

for being the most wonderful first home-on-our-own that we ever could have asked for. We’re not native Nebraskans (though I’m really close), but I’m already dreading leaving this beautiful prairie.

17. Our home(s)–

for our apartment in Lincoln, for our childhood houses that still hold us when we go home.

18. Life–

for clean {warm} clothes, good food, heat, light, and every other blessing we have in spades.

19. Date nights–

for the nights we spend together, even when the main attractions are eating homemade pizza rolls and watching old TV on Hulu.

20. Traveling–

for the traveling gene we inherited from our families and for all of the amazing places we’ve been with them, for the small trips back home, for the wonderful vacations to Florida, Colorado, and Maine.

21. Inquisitiveness–

for constantly evaluating what we believe in and why we’re here.

22. November–

for an entire month full of reasons to be grateful for the amazing blessings we have in our life.