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I’m way behind in writing this post

{let’s blame finishing my practicum, my other classes, and my job all in a matter of weeks, shall we?}

But as of 28 weeks, we’re in the third trimester!

7 months pregnant!

{less than} 3 months til we have a BABY in our house!

Holy wow.

So far, I don’t have too many terrible things to say about any of the trimesters. Each has had its ups and downs, but really all of the nausea, the aches, and the disappearing waist line are just reminders that there’s a baby growing inside me. That’s seriously cool in my book!

The 1st trimester brought only nausea and the need for lots of naps–no morning sickness other than the one day I accidentally gagged myself with my toothbrush and threw up in the sink. It really could have been worse–can’t complain too much about that! I did lose my appetite for some foods (bye-bye to brussel sprouts & tortellini–why, I have no idea, but even the thought of them made my stomach stir) and I lived on soup, mac and cheese, fruit, and hot tea for a good 3 months, but that’s nothing compared to what some women go through.

6 weeks--June 2012

1st trimester–June 2012

The 2nd trimester {14 weeks} brought about much more energy and no more need for nightly naps–which was great, as I started my practicum and desperately needed all the waking hours I could for lesson planning, paper writing, and online blog post posting. I also lost all of the nausea. It was like someone flipped a switch and voila! I could eat most foods. Everything suddenly sounded good again, a 2nd trimester perk that I’m sure Peder appreciated very much.

2nd trimester--August 2012

2nd trimester–August 2012

Then, time flew by and we were magically in the 3rd trimester. I can’t believe how much has changed {check out the rapidly expanding midsection in the pic below} and how little time we have left {someone’s going to have to set up that crib and buy a car seat, and quick}. Other than the shortness of breath and no longer being able to see my toes, the 3rd trimester is turning out to be not so bad.

3rd trimester--December 2012

3rd trimester–December 2012

I’ve heard it only gets worse from here, particularly as I already feel like baby is out of room in there, but I honestly can’t wait. Every day I think about how sad it will be when I can’t feel those sweet little kicks inside me, but I suppose the awesome trade is that I’ll have a sweet little baby outside of me, laying on my chest. Doesn’t really get any better than that.



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Our family

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Norah’s words & signs

Mama (7 months)
Dada (12 months)
Kitty (11 months)
Book (12 months)
Bird (12 months)
More (13 months)
All done
Cheese (12 months)
Fish (12 months)
Norah (14 months)

Kitty (10 months)
More (10 months)
All Done (10 months)
Bird (12 months)
Dada (11 months)
Mama (13 months)
Train (14 months)
Please (14 months)
Carrot (13 months)
Banana (13 months)
Fish (12 months)
Horse (14 months)
Goat (14 months)
Thank you (10 months)
Milk/Noms (12 months)
I love you (15 months)