2012 was pretty good to us.

I don’t think we’ve met a bad year yet {we’re so fortunately blessed in that department}, but 2012 brought us a lot of amazing life changes!

We opened our memory jar on New Year’s Eve, and relived so many wonderful memories from the year.

Look at all those memories! That this is {mostly} just the first half of the year, when we were really good about writing stuff down.

Look at all those memories! That this is {mostly} just the first half of the year, when we were really good about writing stuff down.

We started the year off right–with me accidentally missing my first class {oops}. It’s funny now, but at the time–when I came home from work only to realize that my class had begun two hours previously, not in 30 minutes as I had originally thought–it certainly started the semester off right.

My bad.

My bad.

Peder passed not one, but TWO quals in 2012. I’m ridiculously proud of this feat, because I’m one of the few that knows exactly how hard he worked for those scores! I’m 1000% positive he’ll do this again with his comp this January, that’s how awesome I know he is!

We also found and moved into a new apartment in 2012! Honestly, we had completely forgotten about this until we opened the jar and saw the notes. It just feels like we’ve been here forever! But we did move into a new house this year, and that’s pretty big, right??

Photo Dec 31, 10 15 30 PM

Then, our world turned upside down on June 15th–right to where it should be! We woke up early before work on a Friday morning and out of the blue, I decided to take a pregnancy test. When I saw that faint little line pop up, the first thing I did was….brush my teeth. I knew this was big, so I had to brush my teeth so we could talk about it! Then of course I yelled for Peder to come downstairs. He later told me that he thought something was wrong by the way my voice sounded–nothing was wrong, of course, but it was carrying some pretty big news!

Best day of the year :)

Best day of the year 🙂

We also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in October with a quiet weekend in Lincoln, eating good food and seeing Chicago at the theatre downtown.

Photo Dec 31, 10 15 48 PM

There were lots of memories in the jar that I’m not detailing here and even more that we didn’t even stop to write down as the year went by, but as we stopped to think about all of the good things this year has brought us, we remembered them all. Nothing will compare, though, to the moments we’ll be remembering this time next year. Meeting our son or daughter will make 2013 the best year ever, bar none.