I’ve officially  hit the pregnancy wall this week.

35 weeks was a wonderfully long time to enjoy being pregnant, and I’ve truly loved every minute of it.

But now, as my diaphragm is constricted little by little every day,

as my beautiful posterior baby digs its {cute} little claws into my stomach,

as the weight of my belly gets heavier and heavier,

as the thought of maintaining a comfortable body temperature becomes a luxury of the past,

and as it becomes uncomfortable to walk, sit, lay down, bend over, and reach pretty much anywhere,

I’m just about ready to be done.

Now please, beautiful baby of mine, please stay in my tummy for at least 5 more weeks, so that I can enjoy every moment of having you all to myself. I know I will miss this the moment you’re born, just because you’ve been so wonderful to share a body with these last nine months. See you soon, sweetheart.