Dear Peder,

For being excited and awed and nervous and anxious and so wonderfully reassuring from day 1,

for running out to Target for a belly band the minute I realized my pants no longer buttoned together,

for the countless times you’ve complied with my “Give me your hand! You’ve GOT to feel this!” requests,

for rubbing belly butter onto my ever-expanding stomach {even when I complain at you that it feels so cold!},

for massaging my back and my shoulders and my stomach and my tired feet every night without complaint,

for listening to all of my rants, even when they’re petty and trivial,

for trusting all of my decisions, even when they’re different than yours,

for letting me cry over stupid, material, hormonal things,

for kissing my stomach,

for writing every wonderful pregnancy moment down in your journal,

for being more amazing these past nine months than words can say,

Thank you.

I love you, love. Always always.