We’ve cleaned the house {twice}.

We’ve taken out the recycling.

We’ve organized the baby’s room.

We’ve washed everything that the baby will touch.

{except the crib bedding, which will have to be washed again as the cats think it is theirs.}

I told her she can have aaaaaany bed in the house {including mine}--just not this one.


Everything in this room is mine, right?

Everything in this room is mine, right?

We’ve been walking.

We’ve had spicy food {mmmm Salsa Chicken & Chicken Chili}.

We’ve stocked up on labor-inducing herbs and looked into chiropractors {incase this kid still isn’t moving in a couple weeks}.

To do:

Install car seat

{it’s still safely inside the box–you can guess what the cats would do to it if we left it out!}

Pack bags


I’d say we’re ready 🙂