Today was a pretty fun “first”–Norah’s first holiday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, sweet girl!

And happy three-week birthday <3

And happy three-week birthday ❤

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a huge holiday, but it’s still a fun one. My family has always done a little something to celebrate as I’m a little Irish {less than a quarter–enough to warrant green milk at breakfast and green sprite at dinner}. So even though today was a fairly normal day, Norah will be eating her first round of traditional corn beef and cabbage {second-hand} later tonight.

We started the day by doing one of Norah’s favorite things–watching the window.

This girl looooves light!

This girl looooves light!

While we were still in bed, I intentionally thought about wearing green today and wondered what I could put Norah in {not knowing her gender prior to d-day, we have plenty of green apparel}. However, by the time we got up and got dressed, this is what we ended up in:

Still adorable.

Still adorable.

And I ended up in grey. Apparently I’m teaching my daughter to dress just like me–having every intention to dress up for a holiday, and then completely forgetting save for a teensy bit of accidental color. At least that itty bit of green on her onsie saved her from getting pinched at church?

After making it through Norah’s first full-length church service {successfully!}, we braved the grocery store for our first full-length shopping trip. Peder has ran out for groceries one time without us, and we had tons of family helping us out with meals and grocery runs during her first couple weeks, but we finally had to do a larger trip today. She was a champ! I wore her in the sling and she slept the whole time, attracting the “aww!”‘s of many fellow shoppers.

Photo Mar 17, 3 54 55 PM

Then, of course, we had to go back to real life for the rest of the afternoon {which includes Peder studying and Norah & me snuggling}. But we sure are looking forward to corned beef and cabbage tonight–and the rueban leftovers tomorrow!