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Man, time flies by so fast!!

I just popped by the homepage of the blog and saw that the last update I wrote was from when Norah was 7 weeks old. 7 weeks! She’s practically double that now. Life has been in warp-speed since she was born, and the world has changed so much.

It’s so incredibly amazing.

Norah turned 12 weeks old on Sunday, and will be 3 months old on the 24th. She has gotten so big, I can’t believe it!

Some of her cool tricks include holding her whole body up when flying–



Standing! While supported, but still. This girl is STRONG.

No more sitting quietly for this girl!

No more sitting quietly for this girl!

Seriously rocking at tummy time–

Photo May 10, 5 06 44 PM

Finding her hands and purposefully putting them in her mouth–

So hilarious to watch, but also hard to photograph.

So hilarious to watch, but also hard to photograph.

Smiling, laughing, and baby-talking up a storm–

Such a happy girl

Such a happy girl

Sleeping 6 hours at a time–

She's been known to do 8, too!

She’s been known to do 8, too!

And just being amazingly adorable all of the time. Seriously, I can’t get any work done, she’s just too fun to play with!

Photo May 12, 6 24 41 PM

Photo May 15, 10 08 13 AM



 photo c25ce961-3f9a-42aa-8e01-8eb001118ca8_zps1f0f9f9b.jpg

Our family

 photo d5ce8ae0-cac7-471e-9f30-3c27712b4b31_zps57e1fa2e.jpg

Norah’s words & signs

Mama (7 months)
Dada (12 months)
Kitty (11 months)
Book (12 months)
Bird (12 months)
More (13 months)
All done
Cheese (12 months)
Fish (12 months)
Norah (14 months)

Kitty (10 months)
More (10 months)
All Done (10 months)
Bird (12 months)
Dada (11 months)
Mama (13 months)
Train (14 months)
Please (14 months)
Carrot (13 months)
Banana (13 months)
Fish (12 months)
Horse (14 months)
Goat (14 months)
Thank you (10 months)
Milk/Noms (12 months)
I love you (15 months)