Teething is not for the faint of heart.

It can make the sweetest, calmest child turn into a “why doesn’t anybody like me?????????” kind of child in two seconds flat.

My cousin says that teeth starting out inside the gums was definitely a design flaw. I’m starting to understand why!

In our {relatively limited} experience with teething, we’ve found a few tricks that help Norah feel better until the tooth stops pressing on her poor little nerves.

Anything cold and hard is definitely a hit. We’re now big fans of freezable teething rings, such as this one (the beads are the perfect size for baby mouths) and these (small enough to easily fit into her hand).

We also recently discovered how fun maple teething rings can be! Since she loves to lick things (definitely not suck, and not necessarily chew…but lick), I feel better about giving her these than other questionable plastics. I’m not a totally paranoid mom 😛 but if I can avoid some things for now I will!

In a pinch (and without any teething rings handy), I’ve also tied an ice cube into the corner of her aden + anais blanket. Worked like a charm!

On hand for the next time she gets super cranky: Maple teething biscuits and frozen fruit to put into mesh feeders. She’s just beginning her adventures in food (another post for another day!), so I can’t wait to have her try these!