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I’ve been wanting to include a recap on her counting abilities, as much of January has focused on her counting everything in sight!

She had mastered two a few months ago, and it is still by far her favorite number. Everything is two…two eyes, two hands, two belly buttons–and every morning, she inevitably asks for two vitamins {we only give her one :)}

This month, however, her number skills took off! She can reliably count to 3, and I think she understands 3 conceptually, too. But in terms of memorization, she can go all the way up to 9! 10 is a bit of a challenge, and when she’s really excited, it sometimes comes out “8 10 9!” 😉

Needles to say, her mathematician daddy is very proud 🙂





The biggest event of our week came as a surprise at the end. After hearing that my mom was making an impromptu trip to see my grandma, Norah and I decided to go, too! The best part was surprising them, though, and turning the corner into grandma’s room to see their shocked and happy faces.

We spent a fun few hours with Grandma watching skating on TV (makes me really miss cable!! And free time!!) and playing with Norah. I’ve always loved visiting Grandma with Norah, and seeing the way Grandma watches Norah play. It’s a long 2 hours of driving by myself with a baby, but it’s always so worth it.

Despite being extremely busy at work this week, I somehow found time to make Norah some fun new crafts! I recently rediscovered my sewing machine (and that Norah is able to busy herself while I sew!), which I clearly took advantage of.

I started a couple weeks ago by making Norah some pajama pants. She is obsessed with these Cat Pants she has, but they’re size 12mo, and getting a bit short in the leg. So when my mom and Em visited last weekend, I made some PJs:



Inspired by this (and aide by mom’s pattern-making abilities), I made norah a pair of pants for school this week, complete with adorable heart pockets. I have plans for 1-2 more pairs!


I also busted out some felt alphabet letters to go with the felt shapes I made a while back. She is like a sponge lately, absorbing everything around her and just soaking up knowledge. I’m sure she’ll be learning letters soon!


My biggest accomplishment, though, was Norah’s apron. I made it without a pattern, and I love how it turned out! She loves it, too, and has already worn it for everything from baking to painting. I’d say it’s a hit–it was hard to get her to stand still for a picture!



2015 will be the year of business trips for Peder! I grew up with a dad who traveled a lot for work, and it was always so fun to have Girl Time while he was gone. This year will have Peder traveling 4+ times for various talks and conferences, which means that Norah and I will have lots of quality time together!

Another adventure that the third week of January held was Peder’s first trip to Texas for a conference. We were lucky to have my mom and sister come down to stay with us and keep us company for a couple of the days.



We went shopping, ate out, and even sewed some gifts and made Norah some new pants.


It was a great weekend!




Coloring, painting, drawing…you name it, this girl loves it. When we go to my classroom to work, she knows exactly where the art supplies cabinet is and runs to grab her crayons and paper! This week, she has been obsessed with painting. She mostly splashes brown water around on a page, but mama did teach her how to paint her hands for hand prints 🙂

This week has been all about two {very important} things in Norah’s world: toilets and pigtail braids. Ahh, toddler life.



Norah is obsessed with the toilet. She loves looking at it, opening the lid, sitting on it…but notice that I didn’t say anything about using it. She’s still in the wonderful stage of exploration, learning all about this fascinating white holder of water.

Her other great love this week: pigtail braids! After months of screaming and tears every time I went near her head, she has been obsessed with braids after reading The Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett. The main character is a little Scandinavian girl who looks just like Norah, and after 1 reading of the book, Norah was hooked. She now requests that Mama does her hair in braids every morning, on the couch no less (as that was where we sat when we first read the book!). The power of a positive role model 🙂

In order to share more of our lives with the people we love {and to improve my record-keeping}, I’m going to try and post a weekly picture update of Norah and the things we do. Here’s to a picture a week in 2015!





We rang in the first week of 2015 by ending a little family vacay in St Louis. We wanted to get away just us, and picked the coolest place we hadn’t been to that was still semi-nearby. While we had a great time exploring our hotel at Union Station, eating yummy food, and going to the (free!) zoo….we were on the tail end of two weeks of sickness, and it made the trip less celebratory and relaxing than we had initially envisioned. By the end, we were ready to get home and get back into our routine of school. And boy was Norah ready to get back, too! I’ve never seen her so excited to go back to Prairie Hill and see all of her friends and animals. We’re lucky she loves her school 🙂


 photo c25ce961-3f9a-42aa-8e01-8eb001118ca8_zps1f0f9f9b.jpg

Our family

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Norah’s words & signs

Mama (7 months)
Dada (12 months)
Kitty (11 months)
Book (12 months)
Bird (12 months)
More (13 months)
All done
Cheese (12 months)
Fish (12 months)
Norah (14 months)

Kitty (10 months)
More (10 months)
All Done (10 months)
Bird (12 months)
Dada (11 months)
Mama (13 months)
Train (14 months)
Please (14 months)
Carrot (13 months)
Banana (13 months)
Fish (12 months)
Horse (14 months)
Goat (14 months)
Thank you (10 months)
Milk/Noms (12 months)
I love you (15 months)