In order to share more of our lives with the people we love {and to improve my record-keeping}, I’m going to try and post a weekly picture update of Norah and the things we do. Here’s to a picture a week in 2015!





We rang in the first week of 2015 by ending a little family vacay in St Louis. We wanted to get away just us, and picked the coolest place we hadn’t been to that was still semi-nearby. While we had a great time exploring our hotel at Union Station, eating yummy food, and going to the (free!) zoo….we were on the tail end of two weeks of sickness, and it made the trip less celebratory and relaxing than we had initially envisioned. By the end, we were ready to get home and get back into our routine of school. And boy was Norah ready to get back, too! I’ve never seen her so excited to go back to Prairie Hill and see all of her friends and animals. We’re lucky she loves her school 🙂