This week has been all about two {very important} things in Norah’s world: toilets and pigtail braids. Ahh, toddler life.



Norah is obsessed with the toilet. She loves looking at it, opening the lid, sitting on it…but notice that I didn’t say anything about using it. She’s still in the wonderful stage of exploration, learning all about this fascinating white holder of water.

Her other great love this week: pigtail braids! After months of screaming and tears every time I went near her head, she has been obsessed with braids after reading The Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett. The main character is a little Scandinavian girl who looks just like Norah, and after 1 reading of the book, Norah was hooked. She now requests that Mama does her hair in braids every morning, on the couch no less (as that was where we sat when we first read the book!). The power of a positive role model 🙂