Despite being extremely busy at work this week, I somehow found time to make Norah some fun new crafts! I recently rediscovered my sewing machine (and that Norah is able to busy herself while I sew!), which I clearly took advantage of.

I started a couple weeks ago by making Norah some pajama pants. She is obsessed with these Cat Pants she has, but they’re size 12mo, and getting a bit short in the leg. So when my mom and Em visited last weekend, I made some PJs:



Inspired by this (and aide by mom’s pattern-making abilities), I made norah a pair of pants for school this week, complete with adorable heart pockets. I have plans for 1-2 more pairs!


I also busted out some felt alphabet letters to go with the felt shapes I made a while back. She is like a sponge lately, absorbing everything around her and just soaking up knowledge. I’m sure she’ll be learning letters soon!


My biggest accomplishment, though, was Norah’s apron. I made it without a pattern, and I love how it turned out! She loves it, too, and has already worn it for everything from baking to painting. I’d say it’s a hit–it was hard to get her to stand still for a picture!