We had a legendary week of snow last week, after two big storms hit us hard. The perk of being a family of teachers: we still celebrate snow days!


It all started with a big Sunday snow, which resulted in a mini-snow-day of its own when it canceled church. We stayed in, and only went outside to play. Our outdoorsy girl loves being outside, so we bundled up to go scoop.



Norah even got to build a snow fort with daddy after the first snow.


…that only improved in height with each snow day!


To our bewilderment, the cold temps and high winds meant that a snow day was called for Monday at 4pm on Sunday for both UNL and LPS! A teacher’s dream.

After a quick day back at work, though, we had another day off on Wednesday for our second big storm. A bonus Snow Day 2.0!



Needless to say, it was an awesome week.