Boy, has this week been a doozy. Let’s recap:

1. Peder was out of town for Friday-Saturday-Sunday at a conference in Chicago. 

2. Norah gets an ear infection Sunday night. 

3. Because of her fever, Peder stays home with her on Monday. 

4. Because her fever still hadn’t broken, Peder says home on half of Tuesday and I come home early for the other half. 

5. Norah’s cough gets worse and causes her to throw up her lunch right after I get home {and right into my lap}. 

6. Peder leaves for an invited talk in Utah for Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday. 

7. When her fever STILL hasn’t broken and her cough is bad enough to make her gag, I take her to her pediatrician on Wednesday. She has a “nasty, bulging” ear infection and early pneumonia. Got drugs. 

8. Fever breaks Wednesday night (yay!) but she’s up with a coughing fit from 3-6 am. 

9. Norah stays home on Thursday. 

10. Norah finally starts to feel better on Friday and would have graduated to “staying home with dad”…but dad’s still gone. So mom stays home again. 

11. Spring break next week no long contains as much of a “break” as I had initially thought it would.