On Tuesday this week, we had our anatomy scan ultrasound and 19 week appointment with the midwife. As the busy week progressed, we are now 20 weeks along (halfway there!).

The ultrasound was, as it was last time, an incredible experience. It was so amazing to see the baby’s wiggles, instead of just feeling them! While we got some amazing views of baby’s profile and face, I feel like it’s anatomy was harder to spot this time. We have great photos of Norah’s arms, legs, even her four chambered heart. This time, those areas were much harder to recognize.  


 Such a great view of its spine!

Baby’s leg…you can see the two long, white femur bones

 In this sweet profile picture, you can see baby sucking its thumb! We even saw it suck and swallow at this moment.

The tech spent a lot of time on baby’s heart, which made me very nervous. We could vaguely see the four chambers, but she even went and brought in a doctor to look again; that is never a good sign! But lo and behold everything was normal. The ultrasound report even said that the baby had “great” vessels!

The biggest surprise…we decided to find out the sex of the baby this time around! We kept Norah as a surprise until her birth, which was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. But, for some reason, this time I just felt like I wanted to know. I’ve had a mama hunch this whole pregnancy about who this little one is….but I won’t be revealing if I was right or wrong! We won’t be telling the sex just yet 🙂

After the ultrasound in Omaha, we drove back to Bellevue for our appointment with the midwife. As always, it is so reassuring to meet with Heather. We listened to baby’s heart (150bpm), and discussed some Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve been having a lot of them, for me at least. All normal, just as I had suspected. Apparently, my body remembers quite well what to do with this whole pregnancy thing.

We also talked about weaning Norah, which has been the most difficult part of this whole pregnancy. It has been a very personal, emotional, and yet perfectly timed process. I am so proud to have nursed Norah for 27 months, and I hope that I can do the same for this little one.

See you in October, my sweet.