Two year olds are amazing. While we certainly have our days where Norah is more insistent and independent than may be convenient for me, overall her ability to express herself and interact with her environment far outweighs the so-called “terrible twos!” As my husband (and parents!) would say, these are the Terrific Twos 🙂

One of Norah’s favorite things is to talk about the world around her. Not only is she obsessed with animals (and what they eat and drink), but she also loves to think about what is happening to the grass, the trees, the sky, etc. It is in these moments that home schooling makes the most sense to me. It is so effortless to simply see what she is interested in and learn more about it, and to talk to her about what is happening in the world around her.

One such {unplanned} moment happened the other day. I was enjoying my morning tea {a solitary ritual I used to enjoy at work…and has shockingly fallen by the wayside since I came home! This was a rare treat morning} when Norah came up to me and announced that it was raining. She promptly asked if we could go for a walk outside….so we did! We put on raincoats and rain boots and grabbed our umbrellas, and went outside for the slowest walk known to man. But she saw everything! She loved jumping in puddles and seeing the “rivers and waterfalls” in the gutters.

Then, she saw a bird up in the distance. We try to be as specific as we can with our animal identification, to 1) encourage her to be specific with her language, too, and 2) to differentiate among the multitudes of animals in her animal-loving world. So I asked her, “What kind of bird is it? I see red and black, which means it is….” and she replied with “A robin!” As usual, our conversation then moved on to talk about what this animal must eat. As I explained the phenomenon of birds eating the worms that come up out of the ground when it rains, it occurred to me that birds also eat bird seed….which we have at home, along with all of the accoutrements for a bird feeder creation. So as we finished our walk, we planned the design of a homemade bird feeder and promptly went home to build one {ok, eight}.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.56.25 PM

In these moments, I see her so completely enthralled with her world. I see her little mind spinning and whirring and learning. I see her completely engaged with every academic subject, in a way that SHE chose, in a way that works best for HER. This is all that I want for Norah and her education, and I’m honored that I can help her learn this way. I’ll help her do this for as long as she wants.