Unless you follow me on Instagram, I don’t post a lot about Norah on social media. And I realized that many of the people we love don’t get to hear nearly enough about her, simply because we don’t put it out there. So as our big girl is about to become a big sister, I thought I’d take a minute to brag about her awesomeness and all of the amazing things she can do!

Norah turned 2.5 at the end of August, and we had her two year well check….in September {whoops}. She’s a wee little thing at just 25lbs and 34″ {4th and 6th percentile respectively}, but she’s growing on her own curve so neither we nor her pediatrician are concerned. She’s in 2T clothes, but her tiny waist makes pants a challenge sometimes 😛 She has also completely mastered the toilet, and has been out of daytime diapers since the beginning of the summer and nighttime diapers since July. It has been a fabulous respite before we welcome little baby any day now!

Her hair is so amazing; wavy just like her mama's, blonde like her daddy's, and very fine.

Her hair is so amazing; wavy just like her mama’s, blonde like her daddy’s, and very fine.

While brushing can be a battle, sometimes she lets me do fun things with it.

While brushing can be a battle, sometimes she lets me do fun things with it.

Her favorites and interests are wide and varied, although like any toddler she will love something to death one day and forget it entirely the next. Animals are still a constant favorite, and she’s starting to be more interested in their specific habits and diets. Her favorite stuffed animals are a bunny, a polar bear, and a teddy bear, but I would say her favorite zoo animal is a Red Panda–and her Halloween costume this year! She’s taken animal love to a whole new level now, though, in taking care of them like a little mama. We have a constant presence of animals laying on every available surface of our house, covered in little dish towels for “nap time” with tiny plastic plates and forks by their heads. She also loves to play grocery shopping, complete with a system of paying via debit card {oh the things they see!}. A funny moment: She turned to us one day and asked, “Paper or plastic?”


Taking care of her babies.

Playing in her favorite exhibit at the Children's Museum...the grocery store!

Playing in her favorite exhibit at the Children’s Museum…the grocery store!

Norah has always been a fabulous eater, and rarely refuses a food. She probably has more foods that she doesn’t care for now, but she is a champ about eating them eventually {ok, with some coercion from mom and dad}. Favorites still include yogurt, cheese, avocado, bread, bagel & hummus…and also whole meals such as chicken noodle soup, meatballs, chili, and sandwiches. She LOVES to help us cook, and is the resident vegetable washing expert in the house. She had great fun canning foods with us this summer, too, particularly when she was given her own tiny jar to preserve.

Canning tomatoes this summer.

Canning tomatoes this summer.

She is still an avid lover of books, which makes her English teacher mama so proud. This year has brought a host of new favorite characters and series, including Clifford, Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Amelia Bedelia, Little House on the Prairie, Biscuit, and Pete the Cat. While it is not so fun to read these stories to her on repeat, it is so amazing to hear her pick up the words and then read them to herself completely unsupported. It is all memorization, but it is starting to turn into real learning…she can spell her name out loud and knows the letters A, B, C, D, and E by sight, and will spontaneously interrupt our reading to point out a letter she has found in the books. Who knew she even looked at the writing??


Her artistic skills have also blown me away…she can draw people complete with a head, a body, arms and legs, shoes, fingers, eyes/nose/mouth, and hair. So cool to see her draw to deliberately!

Her vocabulary is awesome–and awesomely hilarious. Some of my favorite toddler phrases include “bana” for banana, “why-brary” for library, and “nack” for snack. Even better are some of the phrases that she picks up around her, unbeknownst to us most of the time! She one day told us that she has “different options!” when deciding something, and even tells us that she has just “decided to be happy.” 🙂

Most of all, she is beyond excited to be a big sister. She constantly asks about the baby and will include him in everything she does, from asking to bring him to the library when he’s born to saving him a tiny little dinner roll that she helped make. My mama heart sometimes grieves for the time that I will have to spend away from her to have the baby, and then for the time that we will inevitably have to share after he’s here. But she is so amazing and kind-hearted and wonderful, that I know we will just add him to our world…he won’t take anything away from her.

Loving her baby sibling already

Loving her baby sibling already