Life with sweet Simon has been absolutely amazing. While I’m tempted to just refuse to believe that he is 1 month old in the hope that he will just stop growing, I am honestly just in awe of the family of four that we have become now that he is here with us. He fits like he’s been here all along.

At Simon’s 3 week well check, he was 11lbs 7oz, 22″ long, and has a head circumference of 15″.

{at birth, he was 9lbs 2oz, 20.25″ long, and his head was 14″. The boy can GROW.}

He still sleeps like a champ–sometimes upwards of 18-20 hours a day. He is a heavy wetter and needs changing several times a night {thanks, Peder, for doing most–ok, all–of the nighttime diaper changes!}, but he rarely stays up and instead prefers to nurse and go right back to sleep. He has his fussy moments, but overall he is an incredibly calm baby. He rarely cries more than a few seconds, and if he does you know something is wrong!

He also, though, had his first cold this week. Luckily just a low-grade fever and some nasty congestion, but man is he a different baby when sick! I think I’ve quadrupled the number of times I’ve heard him cry in the last 24 hours. The poor boy. So glad I can just be home with him, though.

He started tracking and even smiling on purpose this week, which is always the best milestone to reach. He has twice looked up at me and smiled, which makes every long night instantly worth it.

We also had Simon baptized at our church in Lincoln this month on November 29th. His sponsors were Peder’s cousin Madison and our good friends Caitlyn & Nate. We were lucky enough to have over 25 family and friends who were ale to come celebrate with us, many from out of town! It was a whirlwind weekend {especially with big sister’s stomach flu 😦 } but it was so fun.

   Amazing photos by (Aunt) Catharine Bliss of Bliss Photography

While I can’t wait for him to start to learn more about his world and to see him start to have a relationship with Norah, I also wouldn’t mind in the slightest if he stayed sleeping on my chest for forever. I could watch those sweet, sleepy eyes all day.