This is way late as he’ll be 5 months old on the 30th 😂 but here he is.
Boy, are four month olds fun! He
can sit (no strength to stay up yet, but he can balance on his own for a bit) and roll from back to front (and flips like a pancake as soon as you set him down).

He looooves when his big sister talks to him, and can reach for anything she holds for him to play with. He’s still happiest when talked to or when held and brought along for the ride, but amazes me every day with his ability to nap on his own and play on the floor while I get things done.
He is polar opposite from his sister in this way, which just reminds me that every baby is different and has different needs. Norah’s were (and still are) great, and his just aren’t (yet!). And, it lets me love on Norah while he is sleeping–something we both need. He still sleeps with us and has been better-ish about sleeping through the night, as he typically fusses from about 3am til morning. He never fully wakes, but man am I feeling the sleep deprivation…!
I can’t believe that he’ll soon be sitting up for real, and crawling, and eating…but while I already miss baby Sy, I just love the person he is. I’ll take the growing up, because that means we get to keep him.